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About Roger Remaley, Minnesota, USA - Founder

Blessed with a natural curiosity to understand how things really work. I have chosen a career path that is a combination of unique educational, professional and “passionate hobby” pursuits. My life time spent as a branding & packaging designer and as a devoted fishing geek have come together in the form of this new start-up company...  I love to fish. Whether it’s around the corner or around the globe, I’ve put a line in the water. I am a multi-species angler, and I fish for everything from catfish to trout and everything in between. Currently, I hold 3 world records. 



About Lauren Euverman, BC, Canada - Steelheader

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About Daniel Parson, Wyoming, USA - Fly fishing Guide:

Dan Parson is a fly fishing guide for Solitary Angler and a high school science teacher. He calls Southwest Wyoming home.



About David Anderson, Albury, NSW, Australia -

Photographer, Writer, Angler, Founder: 


David was born in Sydney, Australia, but grew up in America after his father, a geologist, moved the family to Boston in 1965 to attend Harvard and thence to Champaign, Illinois two years later where he taught at the University of Illinois.

David’s first serious fly fishing experiences were on one of his dad’s summer field trips to Wyoming at the age of eleven or twelve when one of the professors loaned him a rod and reel and showed him the basics of trout fishing with a fly on the Wind River. It’s been a serious addiction and never far from the front of his mind for over forty years.

The photography thing started during a trip to Egypt in the early eighties when his mother, a Middle Eastern news correspondent, loaned him a Nikon, a couple of rolls of monochrome film and just enough instruction to make it a lifelong pursuit.

David returned to Australia at age twenty in 1984, flyrod in hand, on a six-week holiday where he found people of a like mind, very interesting long-lost relatives and excellent trout fishing not far from Sydney on the Turon River and somehow never got back to the United States.

After a few years working in Sydney music stores as a guitar salesman by day, and part-time rock and roll photographer by night, David started full-time photography in 1989 and was soon working for several record companies, music magazines and local bands.

By 1995 David’s career had expanded to include work for most mainstream Australian magazines and many others from around the world and he was soon working all over and shooting anyone willing to stand still including the Queen Elizabeth II, The Rolling Stones, Pink, U2 and John Farnham, as well as a large collection of local movie and TV stars and many of Hollywood’s finest. This work can be viewed at

Fly fishing photography was, of course, always there, but with the launch of Flylife Magazine in 1995 there were new opportunities to shoot both locally, in Tasmania or in New Zealand. With encouragement from editor Rob Sloane and a lot of help from good mate and fellow photographer/writer Peter Morse, David wrote his first article ‘Cryptic Creeks’ on small streams of the snowy mountains in 2005 and many more have since followed.

Nowadays, David lives a quieter life in Albury, NSW very close to the trout-infested 4x4 paradise that is the Victorian high country with his wife and three children, and writes and photographs for Flylife Magazine and his own small-stream fly fishing blog 



About Cat Toy, Colorado, USA - Nurse, Ski Patrol, Angler

Cat grew up in Mammoth Lakes, California, next to the wild trout creeks and streams in a quaint ski resort town nestled in the magnificent Southern Sierra Nevada mountain range.  She learned to ski at an early age of 3 from her grandparents.  Her grandfather would take her and her younger brother fishing to the high alpine lakes and mountain streams.  They hiked the spectacular glacier carved mountains blanketed with vibrant wildflowers, tall majestic Jeffery and Bristlecone pines, and deep earthquake faults.

Her family moved to Reno, Nevada for new prospects to explore and college education opportunities.  As a young adult, she enjoyed several seasons as a ski instructor at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe.  Shortly thereafter, she took an interest and became a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

The gates dropped and the rumble of 20+ guys racing motocross dirt bikes exploded from the starting line, including Cat. Not just a recreational racer, Cat pursued points in the annual MX West State Championship motocross racing series in Northern Nevada. Cat knows racing motocross to be most adrenaline pumping perfect storm of both physical and mental concentration which is an absolute requirement for the most severe sport on earth.  Her swift progression in the male dominant sport kept her competitive for 10 years with multiple trophies and numerous corporate racing sponsors.

As an emergency medical technician, the aspiration to go further in the healthcare field led her into the journey of further studies where she graduated with a minor in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2007.  Racing motocross, she said, kept her sane in surviving nursing school.

Cat’s nursing career started in Colorado with experience in psychiatric nursing, post surgical rehabilitation, and as a nursing educator.  In addition to channeling her medical expertise, she is also a ski patroller at the pinnacle summit of the Rocky Mountains gracing the slopes of Loveland Ski Area. Like racing motocross, ski patrolling is physically demanding, requires an aptitude of awareness, discipline, and superior public relation skills.

The opportunity to experience fly fishing occurred recently when she was merely handed a rod and reel and left to discern on her own. Cat used her past experiences of life skills to perfect the techniques that are necessary to be a successful fly angler, and her progression rate soared. Experienced fishing buddies, professional guides, and friends were stunned at Cat's expeditious passion to own the skills.  As a disciplined fly angler, she changed her approach by analyzing the intricate facets of fly fishing from spontaneous hatches to the most technical presentations required among the ever changing drifts of a trout stream.

Fly fishing can take Cat to some of the most ruggedly beautiful, breathtaking canyons found in Colorado.  The near future will unfold as there will be more to come with fly fishing for Cat.  There is so much to share, enjoy, and to treasure.


About Dobbin Buck, Georgia, USA - Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Fly Fishing Guide, Angler


Raised in northern Minnesota at the gateway to the Boundry Waters Canoe Area,  Dobbin Buck has been a lifetime outdoorsman who picked up his obsession for fly fishing from his father who was a lifelong diehard fly fisherman.  Dobbin is a fly fishing guide in north Georgia and also is on the Board of Directors for a non profit dedicated to teaching military veterans fly fishing skills and providing mentorship for them to become guides or advanced anglers!  Dobbin has fly fished worldwide and owns fisheries in both north Georgia and upstate NY on the Battenkill River.  He balances his obsession for fly fishing with being an Entrepreneur (Troutpreneur) that employs nearly 50 people at his cabin based marketing agency in the backwoods of north Georgia.  Dobbin also enjoys the backwoods with his wife Elizabeth and two kids! Follow some of Dobbin’s fly fishing adventures on Instagram:  @dobbin


About: Steve Brown Colorado, USA - Guide, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Angler

Steve is a Colorado native who has been fly fishing most of his life. Several journeys through Central America during off seasons led him to the Bay islands of Honduras.

He found expansive flats empty of any other anglers, yet full of fish: permit, bonefish, tarpon, and more. Steve’s dreams of starting a small, sustainable fly-fishing lodge came to fruition in the Spring of 2008.

Steve earned a Masters in English at Colorado State University and created and taught writing courses at Colorado College including: River-related Literature and Writing through Fly-fishing, Back-packing and Reading and Writing the Rivers and Oceans of Honduras: River and ocean-related literature through salt-water fly-fishing, 

Steve has a deep rooted passion for fly fishing and conservation and developed Guanaja’s Sustainable Development Project with students and volunteers within the communities of Guanaja, a program which has also been running for the past 11 years.




Amber Serbin - Mcfly Brand Shaman, Alberta Canada

I grew up in the city of Edmonton located in the northern region of Alberta.  It’s mostly a prairie province with a ton of lakes and rivers but it’s got all kinds of gems hidden into the foothills and Canadian Rocky Mountains as you begin to head west.  This is where my fishing passion began.  In my younger years I was recognized as a tomboy and was constantly yearning for adventures whether it was on my bicycle, snowboarding in the mountains, or fishing with my dad.  After I graduated High School I was accepted into nursing and have since specialized as a dialysis nurse.  Nursing has allowed me to create a flexible lifestyle balance that complements my active outdoors regime.

Fishing for me has always been the highlights of my summer and winters, always asking dad “when can we go again” and every fall dad and I competed in a fishing derby where my competitive side lit up and winning that big tub of Double Bubble gum was the motive behind it all.  When dad said “We got to be up for 5:00am to get the early bite” I don’t think he believed I would as I would come bouncing into the camper at 5:00am ready to scrape frost off the canoe and get lost in the lakes thick fog to hunt for the winning pike.

 It wasn’t until after high school I got a job at a local fishing store and my whole fishing world was amplified.  That’s when I learnt that there was a whole community of anglers out there, anglers like you and I.  Shortly after, I got another fishing job in sales at a local Fly Shop.  Spooling reels and helping customers set up their new combos, suggesting flies for hatches, and helping customers with their fly tying needs was a passion aside from fishing itself and the more knowledge I gained and shared, the more I wanted to taste different adventures.  That’s when I began craving more than what Alberta had to offer and I started taking fishing on my out-of-province travels.  Floating rivers for Steelhead and Salmon on the west coasts of British Columbia then heading to eastern Canada to the Niagara and Cattaraugus Rivers for bass, carp, steelhead, sheep head... you name it... and then everything in-between.  Then down south to the tropics for bonefish, dorado and barracudas.  I love seeking new species and I love challenging myself with the tougher, bigger, meaner fish.  Recently I’ve been tying up my own big mega-Bufords and tossing them out in search for a 20lb pike, prepping myself (and my arm) for an upcoming bucket list Muskie adventure to Wisconsin.  There is always an adventure to be had, and I plan to live my life fulfilling that.  Tight lines everyone!


Spencer Schey - Mcfly Brand Shaman, Fernie, BC Canada

Spencer considers the Bow river in Alberta his home water. Spencer is 40 years young and enjoys hunting nosing trout with dry flies, crafting cocktails, wearing shorts and flip flops, and tying flies while drinking those craft cocktails. He also likes listening to Hip-Hop, rowing a boat, adventure, and is a big fan of laughter.

Words to live by: Fortune favors the bold.

Occupation: Service industry (Mixologist, & Fly Fishing Guide)