Have you ever fished the pristine waters of northern BC Canada?

If you haven’t YOU MUST!

I Grew up in the small little town of Telkwa, actually we are so small it’s considered a village. Telkwa is an absolutely gorgeous spot surrounded by mountains and rivers also known as the Bulkley Valley.

I never fully respected my surroundings until my mid twenties. To think of all the beauty and experiences I let pass me by as a teen makes me shake my head.

Fly Fishing is a sport that not only is good for the body but mind and soul as well. There is absolutely no better feeling then the crisp air, exploring the beautiful land and best of all finding that one drift that gets you into some of the most amazing steelhead you will see in your life.

My favorite time or the year would have to be steelhead season, which runs mid August until freeze up in mid December. Each Steelhead is so unique and different, but they are all absolutely beautiful. Our watershed is strictly catch and release which I love because this allows these beautiful fish to be released and caught again by future generations and to reproduce.

Fishing is a way of life, a good life and I am so thankful and fortunate to be able to grow as an angler in such an incredible place! The magical time is upon us, the steelhead are in the river and I must go the water's calling.

So get out there and soak in the experience, you will be glad you did!

Everyday on the water is a special gift and they should not be missed.