Mcfly was not magically born at a certain time or place...there was not an "Aha!" moment. Instead, the idea seemed to slowly build momentum across years of fly fishing & outdoor adventures and a career spent as a packaging and branding designer. Intersecting and entwining these two passions just seemed right. So a little more than a year ago, I started working on launching this new venture. There have been many hurdles, headaches, setbacks and heartbreaks along the way; but we have continued to grind it out and now a new chapter begins. My hope is that my passion for fly fishing comes through in the products offered here and that individuals with similar passions agree. I have strived to stay true to producing high quality products with superior design.

Starting a company like this almost entirely alone has been very challenging but like most difficult things, it has not been without rewards. I also would be remiss if I did not thank my wife Susan for supporting me and helping this dream come to fruition. My friend Tim has also helped me tremendously over the last year. 

I also want to thank the many photographers from the fly fishing community that have been so generous in providing awesome photography for the website. I am working on adding a contributors page with photo credits, bios, and links. Until that page is created and in place, here is a list of the photographers to which I am sincerely grateful: Jen Britton, Brian O'Keefe, Amber Toner, Scott Baxter, Nick Laferriere, Matt Guymon, Thomas Woelfle, Mark Macemon, Karim Jodor, Ken Morrish, Robert Berdan, and Brad Harris. 

Please celebrate the joys of fly fishing, solitude, beauty, comradery, raw nature, memorable instances shared, getting goofy, the fish, bugs, wildlife, preparation and planning, road trips, scents, textures, sounds, perfect and miserable weather,'s all good. Fish, Explore, Live. After all, "The Water's calling" and I hope to see you on the river.


Roger Remaley