A Few Things That are Happening at the Mcfly Workshop This Week.

Number one: Social media/advertising, this is not really my favorite thing but important none the less. We started a facebook business page and we tried to also open up an Instagram business page as well. There have been some issues with Instagram more on that later. We ran our first Facebook/Instagram ads, check. Started posting on the Facebook business page. Started contacting Facebook friends letting them know about the new business. Started contacting everyone that I have e-mail addresses for to let them know about the new business as well. Lots more work to be done in these areas. It seems Instagram did not approve our business account, they do not say why and there is not an appeals process Hmmm.

Number Two: Inventory updates done, Check!

Number Three: Finalize a new design for the South Western US rivers. This design is pretty cool we should have T-shirts and Stickers for the Utah Show but hats are more challenging and will take quite a while to get done properly.

Number Four: On-going work with our vendors on bringing the US Western Rivers Buffalo, North American Trout Species, Mn. Muskie Waters, Southwestern US Rivers, Steelhead, and Driftguide hat & shirt designs to fruition. Other on-going creative concept & product development research and design is in the works. (the fun stuff)

Number Five: Paperwork, Accounting, Taxes & Book Keeping...Not my strong point but I have to stay on top of it. (the not so fun stuff)

Number Six: Preparing for the trip out to Utah for the last Fly Fishing Show of the year. Plan on adding Colorado & Saint Paul Mn. to the list for next year. Come out to see us at the Wasatch Intermountain Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo in Sandy Utah on the 12th &13th of April.

Number Seven: Started contacting a few select Fly Shops about becoming Mcfly Dealers.

Number Eight: Send new designs off to the copyright office.

Number Nine: Started working on adding a “friends of Mcfly” page to the website as well as dealer pages.

Number Ten: Start contacting fisheries conservation organizations about working on a collabritive project together.

Number Eleven: Write a Blog once every two weeks!


About Roger Remaley:

Blessed with a natural curiosity to understand how things really work. I have chosen a career path that is a combination of unique educational, professional and “passionate hobby” pursuits. My life time spent as a branding & packaging designer and as a devoted fishing freak have come together in the form of this new start-up shopmcfly.com. I love to fish. Whether it’s around the corner or around the globe, I’ve put a line in the water. I am a multi-species angler, and I fish for everything from catfish to trout and everything in between. Currently, I hold 3 world records.